About Us

Brittan Associates (est. 1954) is one of the oldest Manufacturer's Representative firms in the Foodservice Industry, and winner of many national awards. We have been the ultimate source of Foodservice Equipment and Supplies in the Pacific Northwest. We are proud to have represented several manufacturers for over fifty years. Brittan Associates brings over 150 years in combined commercial foodservice experience to the marketplace.

Customer service and satisfaction is our cornerstone. Marketing is our strength. Our reputation and stability offers our customers and manufacturers the performance, security, and trust which they deserve and can rely on.

We only represent manufacturers who produce high quality products, backed by excellent service. We believe in bringing equipment and supplies to market, that solve problems for the customers we serve, through innovation, energy efficiency, labor and cost savings.

Our hands-on approach using the combined skills of our sales staff, corporate chefs and talented factory engineers has proven to be very effective in establishing credibility with our customers. We thrive on the opportunity to build sales by listening to our customers needs, and then providing effective solutions.

Prompt responses to customer service inquiries, and immediate attention to problems, followed by quick resolutions enhances our relationships with our consultants, dealers, chains, school districts and major users .

Monthly training programs keep us on top of the latest trends, techniques and products in food service, thus helping you make informed decisions.

Brittan Associates has offices in Seattle and Portland. Our four field salespeople provide our customers with prompt answers and the required support to close the sale or solve a problem. Our highly experienced, inside sales team provides assistance and support before, during and after the sale.

We provide ethical, professional and quality representation for the principals with which we are partnered and always utilize open, honest and forthright communication.

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